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About Us

It Takes A Family

Dusty Burchnall has been an entreprenuer since high school. A graphic designer and branding specialist by trade, Dusty loves to create business concepts where he sees gap in the local offerings, and a need or want for the product or service that he feels is missing from his community.

This time around its a family effort. In order to bring their kids up around business and to teach them entrepreneurship and responsibility, Dusty and his wife Jenna will be running this business with their children, Jude, Dylan, Quinn and Eli. Their hope is that this experience will create lifelong memories and that it will teach them a work ethic they will carry into adulthood and into their own businesses or careers.

Creating concepts that bring people joy and foster community is in our blood, and we look forward to sharing our creation with you!
— Dusty & Jenna Burchnall